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How aerofoils work
Where lift comes from
Engineering formula for lift
Momentum theory of lift
Lifting line theory of lift
Circulation theory of lift
Circulation, Planform, Bubbles
How fins and sails work
Aspect ratio, Wash,
Planform & Vortices,
Boundary layer,
Reynolds number,
Sheeting, Twist, Slot
Sail section lift
Slot Effect
Wind tunnel (2) Sheeting angles
How a yacht works
Points of sailing,
Downwind sailing and hull speed,
Sailing on the wind,
Lift & drag,
Apparent wind
Apparent Wind
Wind Gradient
Twist due to wind gradient
Big boat instrumentation
Wind tunnel Drive vs heel
Wind tunnel Goosewinged vs same gybe
The course theorem, pointing, and drag angles
Appendage design
Fin & rudder size,
Fin & rudder planforms,
Fin sections,
Rudder sections,
Rudder balance
Bulb size & shape
Bulb cant
Marko's bulb calculator
Foil planforms
Fin area
Fin Position
Foil Sections and forces
Oval Bulb
Hull design
Froude number,
Surface friction,
Wave drag,
Hull lines
Hull design with arcs
Metacentric moments
Boundary layer
Flow around a hull
Flow around a hull 2
Permitted roughness
Sails and rigging design
Shrouds, Jumpers, Stays,
Mast, Sail-mast interaction
Jibstay sag,  Windage,
Gooseneck geometry,
Topping lift,
Sail camber
Gap between jib foot and deck
Sail shape
Sail draft
2D Entry & Exit Angles
Gap between sail and mast
Sail Twist
Twist & downwash
Twist measurement
Twist measurement (part 2)
Wind tunnel (3) Twist
Jib foot gap to deck
The boat as a whole
Balance, Stability,
Environment, Trade-offs,
Class rule effects
Balance due to hull shape
Rig tune and snap weather helm
Tuning weather helm
Simple VPP
Heel apparatus for "A"

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