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International RC racing International Radio Sailing
IRSA Elections 2014
Beginning in radio sailing,
Boat measurement,
Class rules,
Rule interpretation
IOM Comparisons (Graham Bantock & Seahorse article)
Starting out
The IOM class
IOM class rules 2002
IOM NoR & SIs after Mooloolaba
IOM NoR & SI for borrowed boats
IOMICA Resolution 6.7 and coloured resin (a note from BG Design, Huub Gillessen , RC-Jachtwerft, SAILSetc, and others)
Measuring an IOM Mainsail
Reflections on the rules
Interpreting the rules
RRS Philosophy
IOM History (AMYA MY #177) circa 2014
Radio sailing history (until 1975)
Event reports Reports
Event management
Event scoring,
How to observe,
Course setting
Running starts
EORS Scoring Software
Event Scoring Software
Setting starting line bias
Current and tide
Event simulation
Race Officer's comments
Ancillary equipment
Making a rig box,
Making a hull box,
Making a workshop cradle,
Twist gauges,
Tension gauges
RMG's "flash" unit
LiPo battery fire
Sail box
3D printed sail box fittings (AMYA MY #195)
My boats Ikon
Web resources
References & book list Books
Photography A downloadable spreadsheet for calculating the Canvas Wrap of a photo printed to canvas and wrapped to a frame.
Earlier version Single number depth of field estimator for Micro Four-Thirds lenses, wasn't actually a single number!
Version 2 Single number DoF parameter for any lens -- now an actual single number!
Miscellaneous interest Psycho Stats -- Statistical data analysis, mainly concerned with the analysis of significant interaction in the analysis of variance.  Currently, Basics, Two independent samples, Two dependent samples, One way anova, Two way factorial anova, Two way repeated measures on one factor, and Two way repeated measures on both factors.  To come: three-way anova principles.
Duplo -- Train tracks and linked "computational" switchers
Picnic Units for Toyota Alphard
Picnic Unit for Toyota Vellfire
ACC fin
Rasta 2
Vane A class
Workshop tools
IOM postage stamps from Barbados
The Phigit class
Some recollections of my time in southern Africa

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