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I had the chance to photograph a current production Pikanto from Graham Bantock.  These are some pictures and details of the boat. 

Bow bumper.

The foredeck from the side.  The No.1 jib pivot attachment line has the small steel ring.  The dabs of silicone sealant show where the pivot pins lie for the No.2 and No.3 rigs.

The foredeck from above.  The two pins in the recess are for No.2 and No.3 jib pivots.

The foredeck in front of the mast from the side.  The jib sheet exits to deck level.

Internal detail of the bracing around the fin box, and the line runs.

Detail of the line guide (part 67g), showing the two pins inserted to keep the three runs separate.

Directly above the mast step.

Inside the bows, showing the fitting of the device which holds the turning block for the sheet control line.

The bows device and turning block extracted from the hull.

Servo tray forward of the pot.

Recessed pot, aft of the servo tray.

Detail of the rudder servo installation with quick release fittings (part 67c).

Detail of the receiver installation.  Note the routing of the one aerial wire into an open tube stuck to the side of the pot.

Detail of the receiver installation.  Note the routing of the second aerial wire into the tube in the side of the pot.


The tube in the side of the pot carrying the aerial wire.  The tubes are available from Ken Binks.

The aft deck.  Aerial tube, spring tensioner for the control line, and arrow shaft for the rudder linkage.

Main sheeting post between pot and servo tray.

Detail of the control line tensioner.

Detail of the turning block attached to the control line tension spring.

Aft deck.

Detail of the rudder stock linkage.

The aft under hull looking down the rudder, showing the calibration marks for 55 degrees of throw either side of centre.

  Fin tongue.  You can just see the M2 set screws for fin alignment.

The bulb.


Detail of jibstay attachment with topping lift attached to small acetal ring (part 85) threaded onto the jibstay.


Detail of fore end of jib boom.

Detail of jib boom pivot pin and sheet attachment.

Detail of aft end of jib boom, showing topping lift and clew.


Topping lift restraint line attached to jib leech.

Batten at jib leech.

Lower end of mast.

Main boom.

Gooseneck pivot and downhaul.

Gooseneck fitting (part 11c).

Main boom and downhaul / Cunningham bowsie.

Main boom aft fittings.

Main boom sheet reeving fitting.

Luff tie.

Hounds and jibstay attachment hole.


Shroud attachment fitting (part 31s).

Mast crane.

Lower end of backstay.

2022 Lester Gilbert