After Mooloolaba

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Following the IOMICA World Council vote at Mooloolaba (IOM World Championships 2005), the IOM class apparently currently:

  1. Allows corrector weight(s) to be altered or moved between heats
  2. Allows batteries to be refitted in a different position between heats
  3. Allows battery packs to be changed for ones heavier or lighter between heats
  4. Allows the ballast to be moved to a different attitude or position between heats
  5. Allows the fin, rudder, and/or bulb to be changed between heats
  6. Uses the ERS 2005, but certain terms have changed since ERS 2001-2004 which is what the class rules were written to, and the effects of this are currently unknown
  7. Does not permit sail identification earlier than Mar 2005 to comply with the rules in force at the time of measurement
  8. Prohibits the use of any hull manufactured after May 2003 which has Texalium
  9. Prohibits a jib boom pivot that does not have a swivel fitting
  10. Allows a sheet control line in Section C, but does not allow it in section F

Until IOMICA issues authoritative advice to its NCAs, in my opinion the following text is required in any Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for IOM events.

For (1), (2), (3), (4), and (5): Include in the NoR and SIs the text,

"Rule 51 is replaced with: During an event, (a) ballast shall not be shifted, shipped or unshipped; (b) except for replacements of similar weight and position, no control equipment shall be shifted, shipped or unshipped; (c) the position of rig counterbalance weights may be adjusted; and (d) bilge water shall not be used to trim the boat, but may be removed at any time."

For (6): In any part of the NoR and SIs which specifies the rules applicable, instead of simply saying, "..., ERS, ...", specify "..., ERS 2001-2004, ..."

For (7): Include in the NoR and SIs the text,

"Add to E6(c): Identification shall comply with the the rules applicable at the time of the initial fundamental measurement of the sail or with rule E6."

For (8), (9), and (10): Include in the NoR and SIs the text,

"The protest committee may be in doubt about the meaning of measurement rules, including those concerning Texalium, jib swivel fittings, and sail numbering. The 'authority responsible' mentioned in RRS 64.3(b) shall be the IOMICA Technical Sub-Committee. Competitors and protest committees should follow the procedures of rule 64.3(b) and (c) carefully for any protest hearing involving measurement rules."

2022 Lester Gilbert