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Preparation: Boat speed
Surface finish, Spreaders,
Shrouds, Mast, Jib, Tensions,
Gooseneck geometry
Surface finish
Calculating Twist
Mast camera
Mast camera (2)
Sail measurements
Preparation: Avoiding errors
Practice, Scientific improvement,
Personal profile, Experimenting,
The racing rules, Consistency
Improving performance
Preparation: Strategy
Series vs event vs race,
Effect of scoring system,
The other skippers who matter
During the regatta
Boat tuning,
Avoiding errors,
Rough set-up
Trouble-shooting RC
Weather helm (AMYA MY #182)
In the race: Boat speed
Reading telltales, Tacking,
Gybing, Changing course,
Sheeting angle
The right gybe
Telltale Silk
Leech Fly
Sheeting (AMYA MY #177)
In the race: Avoiding errors
Racing tactics,
Boat handling topics,
Personal psychology
In the race: Tactics
Being in phase,
Favoured side of the course,
Line bias,
Reading puffs
Current and tide
Backing wind
Line bias
Performance improvement
Incorporating lessons
Reflections on doing well
Racing rules RRS 2009 changes
Ten RRS Commandments
RRS for starters
Guide to the RRS
Rules FAQs
Tactics: Too low on the layline
RRS 2013-2016 Appendix E changes
Suggestions for RRS 2013-2016 additional Sailing Instructions

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