More spreaders

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Another crop of adjustable spreaders!  (The list of spreader pages so far includes Adjustable spreaders (19), Adjustable spreaders (2), Adjustable spreaders (23), Adjustable spreaders, Adjustable spreaders pt2, Adjustable spreaders v21, Short spreaders, and Adjustable spreaders v24.)

The first picture illustrates some 5mm knitting needles inserted into Acetal / Delrin carriers, such that they are clamped at an angle to the mast and also clamped at the matching angle to the shrouds.  Then, to adjust how the spreaders push the mast forward or pull it back, the clamps are eased and the spreader arms are pushed up or down the shrouds and re-clamped.  This particular build suits an IOM.


A different take for an 'A' class.  The spreaders are one long 5mm knitting needle, bent into a handlebar shape, and carried in a Delrin block screwed to the mast.  As before, the ends of the spreaders clamp to the shrouds, and are moved up or down to pull or push the mast as needed.

A trio of 'A' class builds.

2022 Lester Gilbert