Adjustable spreaders v21

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I'm now on to versions 21 and 22 of 'adjustable' spreaders.  Well, these two are not so much adjustable as variable.  The idea is that I can change the spreader arms as required while the boat is rigged.  The arm holders are clamped to the mast using a long machine screw.  In version 21, the machine screw screws into one of the milled and turned black Delrin holders.  The arms are a close friction fit into the holders here.  In version 22, the long through-mast screw screws into the end of one of the spreader arms. The other arm is pinned by a separate screw as shown.  The arms are not quite such a friction fit therefore, and the Delrin holder can be shorter.

Version 21

Version 22

The exploded detail:

Version 21 detail

Version 22 detail

The shrouds are clamped to the end of each spreader arm.  A shallow groove is milled so that the shroud, when clamped by the machine screw, doesn't get excessively compressed.

Spreader arm detail


2022 Lester Gilbert