Sail making part 2

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As mentioned on the Sail making page, I publish Larry Robinson's "Making Model Yacht Sails" (part 1) booklet through SAILSetc, who can be contacted at "sales" at "".

Larry wrote a second booklet, "part 2", and has kindly agreed to providing it as a free download:  click or right-click Sailmaking part 2.pdf and save it to your hard drive.

Bob Wells notes:

Making Model Yacht Sails - Part 1 is a series of articles that cover the aspects of sailmaking that govern the shape of your sail. The subject of load bearing fibers is discussed in Making Model Yacht Sails - Part 2, which tells you how to make 'string sails'; sails that are reinforced with small threads in a load path distribution. These sails have been used (by a few sailors) to good effect in the Northwest USA since 1992.

While the "string" part of the booklet is of somewhat limited interest, other sections of "Part 2" are more generally useful.  Larry describes a "crease removal tool" in an appendix, for example, and also provides some FAQs on model yacht sails which have application beyond the confines of the EC-12 class.

Thanks Larry!


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