Head fitting

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I've experimented for a while with various ways of getting the "little bent wire" to swivel easily in light airs.  Curiously, I've also struggled to get it to swivel in heavy airs, because the luff tension in the mainsail jams it in place.

The best I've come up with is to insert a couple of PTFE ferrules or bushes into a standard SAILSetc head fitting.  Drill out the fitting so the ferrules are a push fit.

The ferrules come from my local fishing shop, which sells them as "internal roach pole ferrules".  I use a pair, and the resulting swing action is excellent.


(The image is a rendering from a free 3D drawing package called "Amapi 3D 5.15".  I found it on a PC magazine cover disc, but it is available as a download from the Web.  Pop "Amapi" into your search engine.  A significant learning curve if you've not done 3D modelling before, but the results do seem worth it.)


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