A bad day?

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[This page first appeared on the Cinque Ports Model Yacht Club site. The content is pure Larry Robinson.]

In an effort to help skippers decide whether or not they had a 'bad day' on a more scientific basis, the following point system is suggested. In order to have a truly bad day, over 200 points must be accumulated. Simply add up the points for each occurrence listed below and see how you did.

Over 200: a truly bad day
100 to 200: the day was only unpleasant
50 to 100: things could have been worse
Under 50: what do you mean, below 50?

DSQ while in bottom heat          20 Sad MYA skipper
DSQ while in top heat          70
360's          20 each
Wrong side of mark, then 360          45
Port - Starboard incident          10
Port - Starboard incident, you initiate protest, are DSQ'd          75
First at first mark, last at finish          65
Leading, hit finish mark          25
Leading by 2 legs, hit finish mark          50
Leading by 2 legs, hit finish mark, fail to finish correctly, argument with line judge, rule 69 DSQ          200 + bonus for fighting
Falling off dock, transmitter stays dry          50
Falling off dock, transmitter gets wet, won't work          95
Arrive early, but wrong sailing site, event is 20 miles away          80
Equipment breakdown          10
Equipment breakdown with cursing          10 + 20 per curse
Transmitter left at home (Return with transmitter in time for 1st heat)          100 (subtract 50)
Forgot to charge some batteries          20 per pack
Forgot to charge any batteries          60
Forgot to even bring batteries          90
Trying to control someone else's boat          5 per second until error recognized
Being port tacked at start resulting in:           
   last over the starting line          20
   last place finish          75
   entanglement, DNF, redress denied          90
Dropping boat:           
   in the water          10
   on land          200
   on the dock, boat falls in the water and sinks          apply to author for special consideration
Deck patch comes loose, boat takes on water, electronics fail, wife says "I told you so"          110

2000 Larry Robinson is alleged to have written the above, but the question is in doubt.  The superb cartoon is 1997 Bob Wells.


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